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Technical SEO: Getting the Most Out of Your Search Engine

As a professional Technical SEO Service provider in San Antonio, we take pride in offering cutting-edge solutions as well as technical expertise and consultancy that is driving real revenue, sales, and ROI for our clients with a number of online marketing strategies.

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How Our Technical Seo Services Can Help You?

To have a successful SEO campaign, technical SEO optimization is crucial. Technical SEO is of utmost importance and directly impacts the search engine’s ability to understand a website’s content. Therefore, a website without technical expertise may not receive the visibility it deserves.
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Having A Technical Seo Audit Will Give You A Better Understanding Of Your Website

Through our experience as Technical SEO consultants, we have overseen and optimized several websites over the years. Our process involves identifying both strengths and weaknesses of your domain and strategizing ways to address them. So whether you’re looking for help with eCommerce, lead generation, news publishing, or brochure websites, our SEO consultancy services span the spectrum.
With our technical seo audit service, we will look deep into every aspect of your website, revealing everything that may hinder your visibility. We can advise you on how to optimize your website with the help of our technical SEO specialists. Experts on our team can assist with indexability issues and troubleshooting problems. Our service enhances the performance of your website so you can generate more sales leads.

Technical SEO Challenges

Let’s not slow Google’s discovery of the Web. It is common for dynamically created websites to be misconfigured from an SEO perspective. Typically, these sites generate lots of pages or URLs with similar content. Our team of experts can handle such SEO challenges.
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Every site will have some technical issues. As sites become more complex, technical problems become more likely to arise

Boosting your website’s profitability requires staying up-to-date on on-page SEO tactics and algorithm updates in this competitive digital landscape. Through our technical SEO consultations, we will help improve the performance of your organic search results, lead generation, and conversion rate so that you can attract more qualified leads. Get your website on the right track to long-term growth with our technical SEO services.

How Our Technical SEO Services Helps Your Business

Overall, SEO means doing anything on your website which impacts search engines. From optimizing website metadata and page speed to content and mobile compatibility, SEO includes it all. On the other hand, Technical SEO is just a part of overall SEO and includes anything that helps you optimize your website for indexing and getting a rank.

Firstly, you need to use the Secure Sockets Layer which is a security technology that creates an encrypted link between the web server and browser. It is also important to ensure your site is mobile-friendly and your page speed is up to par since it is a vital ranking signal.


In addition, you need to fix any duplicate content issues, which can be confusing for viewers. Creating an XML sitemap also plays a useful role in technical SEO, helping search engines understand your website when crawling it. 


AMP is a project backed by Google that helps in delivering content on mobile devices faster, and it is also a part of technical SEO. You also have to add structured data markup to your website which helps search engines to index your site better. Lastly, register your website with Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools for the search engines to start indexing.

Technical SEO can be defined as a server and website optimization that enables search engine spiders to crawl and index your website, which helps organically improve your brand's rankings on Google and Bing. 

Technical SEO is important for your website since you can use it to ensure there are no technical issues that make the page hard to navigate or for search engines to understand or rank it. Technical SEO is essential for attracting organic traffic and converting visitors into customers.

Firstly, you need to crawl your website to spot any indexation problems. Then, you need to check all technical elements on the page. Make sure to identify any image issues, along with checking internal and external links. It is vital to check site speed and performance, as well as ensure your website is mobile-friendly. All of these factors make up a technical SEO site audit. 

The cost of technical SEO audits varies from agency to agency. It also depends on your specific site since some websites have more problems than others and vary in size. Typically, technical SEO audits can range from $300 to $5,000.  

Key elements of technical SEO involve crawling, indexing, website design and rendering. 

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