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TV Advertising VS Online Advertising - How things have changed in 2023

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Table of Contents

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Advertising goods, appliances, and other products is a traditional way, but the pandemic has revolutionized the advertising industry. It’s a fact that TV viewership has greatly declined due to the uprising of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social platforms.

In a nutshell, we can say that the pandemic has changed the world but opened several marketing opportunities for businesses. The same goes for TV advertising from the traditional to the online world. People are still confused about TV advertising (traditional) and online advertising. Don’t worry! You are at the perfect spot.

This guide will address the decline of TV advertisement with the rise of online advertisement with certitude. Let’s get deeper into the details!

TV Advertising Devaluation

There was a boom in the TV advertising industry from 2010-2017. It was increased by 16%, according to the inspection of ARK investment management. Nevertheless, the views have decreased up to 20% till today, and they are consistently decreasing.

The facts depict that TV was the major and only way to advertise things to target a massive audience. Everything has changed and is now totally opposite. Let’s discuss some other stats here. A detailed study by Omnicom Media Group’s Hearts & Science agency explained that more than half a million people are not watching the video content right now. Don’t forget that we are talking about watching videos on traditional TV.

Rather, they like to watch the same content on other digital platforms such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube, and more. Here it provides the online media that has replaced TV advertising in many places.

According to an estimate, people spend almost 30 hours watching video content online per week; that’s a huge change. That’s the actual reason for the decline of TV advertising, as online platforms allow businesses to advertise on their platforms.

Furthermore, the people who still watch TV are not attracted to advertisements. They also like to use online media accessed from their phone during breaks, travel, or doing something else. So, the viewing hours of TV advertising will decline more aggressively in 2023 and the coming years.

The Growth of Online Advertising

The market is experiencing massive growth in online advertising using different digital platforms. According to some facts, the viewership of YouTube has increased about 10-times during 2010-2017 and is still increasing day by day.

After the boost on YouTube, the other platforms have built their own media streaming features. Not to mention, digital advertising has suppressed TV advertising for the first time ever in pandemic and continuously leading.

Reasons Behind The Growth of Online Advertising

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Do you know why it’s happening? Why is online advertising leading TV advertising, and traditional ways declining consistently? Don’t worry! You will get all these answers here. Following are the reasons behind the boom of online advertising in this digital era:

1: Online Advertising Is Cheaper

A huge difference is found between TV and online advertisement. It’s also a fact that a 30-second video may not bring the estimated audience. Still, digital marketing can do it easily. TV advertisements are high paying, but you can save several dollars using social media marketing strategies.

In digital marketing, you can also enjoy freeways such as SEO. No doubt, it requires investment but less than traditional ways. SEO with PPC campaigns brings tremendous results, and you only have to pay for the clicks you get. If it makes sense for you, online advertisements are highly affordable.

2: Improved Segmentation

Traditional advertising is forced advertising; you have to see the ad when you turn ON the TV. In digital marketing, the ads are only shown to people with the same interest. It helps reach the target audience to whom your product or service really appeals.

In TV advertising, you get estimates using the matrices of Nielsen rating or gross rating points. After that, demographics of channels are created, sampling is done, and more. The drawback is that these calculations give an estimate, not the exact numbers. Here comes the uncertainty.

Instead, digital marketing offers personal data with more detail and depth. In simple words, it’s a more personalized and user-friendly source of advertisement. By just putting the query in the Google search bar, you can easily reach the right place on the online platforms.

Segmentation is the key to the success of digital advertising. You can make segments as much as you can using different keywords according to the user intent. You can say anything that a TV can’t say.

3: Online Marketing Is More Agile

In online marketing, you have several options to measure, track, and make adjustments according to the stats. Undoubtedly, it’s necessary to optimize the ads in real-time. Not only the whole content, a change in color, filter, or even a small change affects the overall performance.

Every change in the content brings a positive or negative effect on CTR and conversion rates. You can easily identify where you should work or not. It’s one of the fastest ways to make good choices for your content, sales, audiences, and more.

On the other hand, TV ads require time and more data to track their progress. We can’t adjust easily, and if we adjust, it requires a high investment. Moreover, we can’t create multiple versions of the same advertisement for different TV platforms because it’s highly expensive.

4: Video Content Online In Different Forms

In the beginning, social media platforms had minimal integration for video ads. With the boom, the platforms have integrated several types of video ads, content, and much more. The most commonly used advertisement types are short videos, reels, status ads, and so on.

They strive day and night to make them more engaging according to the content. It will be worth saying that video ads are the killer of TV advertising and emerged as a powerful threat.

5: It Takes User's Attention

Digital marketing has shifted the users from traditional TV media to digital and social platforms. It not only shifts but is a great way to grab their attention. Before the pandemic, people were unaware of the power of social media, but the pandemic has revealed it all in front of the people.

In a few years, TV advertising will become obsolete as everything is shifting towards digital marketing. Besides, it has opened many horizons for businesses, students, and other professions.

Advantages of Online Advertising

Digital marketing is a popular and effective method to reach the targeted audience. You can target a large audience with a single video with many personalized factors. Yes, this is the power of online advertising in the digital marketing world. Check out the pros of digital marketing:

  1. You can target all types of audiences in any region of the world. I mean, we can target globally.
  2. You can run different targeted campaigns for the same advertisement.
  3. You get instant feedback for the changes made.
  4. Highly measurable results.
  5. It’s a cost-effective advertising solution with high efficiency.

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Ultimately, online advertisement is more powerful and result-oriented than TV advertisement. You should only know about the audience, and digital marketing will bring stunning results. Whether you are a small business owner or running a big organization, digital marketing is beneficial for everyone.

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