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Does Tiered Link Building Work in 2023?

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A great way to build a strong online presence is to build links from many reliable sources. Tying up links is a common SEO tactic used by “black hat” SEO professionals to manipulate links to boost search engine rankings. Google has recently implemented several changes to eliminate “black hat” SEO practices, affecting tiered link building.

Even with all the updates from Google, there are still ways to build tiered links that are “white hat” without negatively impacting rankings. Basically, tiered link building refers to building links from multiple sources to your website, and you can do this in several ways that are “white hat”:

There are many reasons why tiered link-building is the best link-building strategy for you, so if you are wondering whether this is the right strategy for you, keep reading to find out how it works and what mistakes to avoid when using it.

Overview Of Tiered Link Building

Overview Of Tiered Link Building

There are generally three levels of tiered link building techniques:

Tier 1:  As an introductory layer, build links that refer directly to a target website, also known as a “money website” (usually your website) that you want to rank for.

Tier 2: Links pointing to links in tier 1 which helps to build your website.

Tier 3: Links pointing to tier 2 and make a chain.

The top tier is a money site, which absorbs links from all tiers below it.

While each tier of the web link pyramid has its own distinct role in the process, the overall objective is to earn the most link juice possible. Let’s take a deep look at each of these tiers in more detail.

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Is There A Difference Between Each Link Tier And How It Works?

There are different levels of quality associated with each link tier. Each tier is of greater quality than the tier it precedes. The better the link, the higher the quality. However, each tier has a unique purpose and provides value. Therefore, tier 1 links are “better” than tier 2 links  and so on.

Tier 1 Backlinks

Tier 1 Backlinks

The first layer of backlinks, also known as tier 1 links, are made by websites that have :

Link building at Tier 1 consists of various strategies, such as Guest blogs, Press releases, Sponsored posts, Paid listings, and Organic listings. The goal of tier 1 links is to send as much quality link juice as possible to your website. For this reason, these links must look as natural as possible.

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Tier 2 Backlinks

Tier 2 Backlinks

Tier 2 backlinks, also referred to as second-layer links, are obtained from the following sources:

User-generated content is the backbone of these sites. Therefore, no advanced skills are required to share content on sites like those listed above, called Web 2.0 sites.

In contrast to tier 2 links, tier 1 links are much more valuable. Consequently, tier 1 links are more prevalent than tier 2 links (and tier 3). However, it does not mean they do not offer any value to their users. Platforms like Google Maps, Instagram, and so on have huge amounts of traffic. As a result, your money sites and tier 1 links also receive more traffic.

Tier 3 Backlinks

Tier 3 Backlinks

Backlinks from the third layer, or tier 3 links, can come from anywhere, including automated tools and virtual assistants.

There are several common ways to get tier 3 links, although the quality is less important than tier 1 and tier 2. For example:

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Mistakes You Should Avoid In Tiered Link Building

A tiered link-building strategy requires expertise, time, and dedication, like any other link-building strategy. Creating tiered links is not without pitfalls, so here are a few to be aware of and avoid:

1. Building tier-based links only

Link building with tiers is an effective strategy for generating backlinks, but it must be integrated with an overall SEO campaign. The use of tiered link building is more effective when combined with other white hat SEO strategies as opposed to using it alone.

2. Content of poor quality

Articles that are poor quality, duplicated, or poorly spun are very common mistakes. In order to earn enticing links from guest posts, it is essential for guest writers to write well-written, valuable, sensible, and easy-to-read content in order to earn enticing links. Google’s algorithm won’t boost content without these qualities.

3. Targeting low-quality sites

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Next, you need to select your target sites when you clearly understand each link tier and how many links you need in each category to succeed with your link campaign. There’s nothing more important than finding sites that rank well, earn a lot of traffic, and are relevant to your topic, industry, or niche.

There is a misconception that getting links from any website will be enough to boost your rankings. Instead, you must be cautious about choosing which sites you link up with. Otherwise, you might damage your rankings.

4. Going too fast

If you want to get as many links as possible, it’s best to crawl slowly. The best thing to do is to remember that organic content sharing should be a model for tiered link building.

In most cases, companies get caught up in automation tools as they become engrossed in getting new links. As a result, your SEO benefit increases with each new link you earn. However, acquiring tiered links too quickly can attract the attention of an algorithm (in a negative way).

5. Doing it yourself

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As a company grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay on top of the tiers of its campaigns and to avoid mistakes that Google notices. Especially at scale, this holds true. Businesses lose track of their campaigns’ tiers as they grow. Having your link-building efforts outsourced to a reputable SEO agency such as Digitalist Digital Marketing Agency, Karachi Pakistan would be the best option.

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